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Are all of the Treats Really Homemade?

Yes! All of our pet treats are homemade fresh in our Pet Treat kitchen. We use all natural ingredients and ensure they are healthy for your pet.

Many over the counter treats contain harmful ingredients, or by-products that aren't good for your pet. We take pride in our homemade process for developing pet treats that includes feedback testing with our Beta Bites Testers before putting up for sale on the website.

If you have a pet with a special diet, we'd like to hear from you . Let us know what types of pet treats you are looking for!

Can I Buy Your Treats in a Pet Store or Market?

We do offer our treats at selected farmers markets and some select outlets. Keep in touch with us via Twitter and Facebook about events and locations where you can find our products. Events and locations vary and are mostly local to Washington State.

If you or your organization desires to carry our products in your store or outlet, please feel free to contact us directly about wholesale pricing.

Do You Have Gluten Free Treats?

Yes we do! Development of these treat recipes just takes a bit more time, but we have released a few of our treat flavors that are now gluten free .

Gluten is a natural binder and without it treat recipe consistency is sometimes a challenge. We are currently testing many of our other ecipes using various gluten free flours.

If you are particularly interested in gluten free / grain free treats, we'd love to hear from you. Please sign up for our interest list and let us know your desire.

Does Pet Nibbles Offer Gift Baskets?

We do offer gift baskets! However, these are seasonal items that we offer at selected times of the year. Sign up for our email list to be notified when gift baskets are available for pre-order.

If you desire to send treats as a gift, feel free to place an order and just provide an alternate shipping address. In the notes field of your order, let us know it is a gift, and we will include a special note from you. Just include your gift message with your order.

How Do I Cancel My Subscription?

First of all, we hate to see you go! However, if you've decided to cancel your subscription, please contact us immediately and we will update your plan not to renew. Include your order number to ensure speedy processing. You can find this in your account .

Note that we do not provide partial refunds for subscription plans. Should you decide to cancel your plan, please try to provide notice as soon as possible before your plan renews.

How Do You Test Your Treats?

Always a great question. We'll start by saying that we want to make sure we make the best homemade all natural treats for your pets. Our pet treat testing process is fairly rigorous and involves several steps.

Step 1

We check all of the ingredients against veterinary recommendations. We want to make sure all the ingredients in every recipe are safe for your pet.

Step 2

We do test runs of every recipe. This sometimes includes varying the level of the ingredients to ensure proper consistency and presentation.

Step 3

We test each treat for shelf-life. This includes various tests in dry, refrigerated and other varied environments so that we can provide the proper expiration date for each pet treat recipe. If we find that the shelf-life is too short, we don't sell the treat and the recipe is scrapped. We refuse to use artificial preservatives to extend a treat's shelf-life!

Step 4

Once the recipe is ready, we then send it to our lab for analysis. This is required for our back label information that shows protein, fat, fiber and moisture content.

Step 5

We then send out test treats to our Beta Bites Treat Testers to garner feedback from our customers -- you! If we find that a treat doesn't meet the expectations of our customers, we throw the recipe out and start over again.

Step 6

Once Steps 1 - 5 are complete, and we feel the product is ready for market, we then get the approval from the Department of Agriculture for our labeling.

Now the treat is ready for you! Our customers.

We promise to always strive to create the best treats possible, ensuring fresh, healthy, and delicious treats for your pet. After all, pets are part of our family, so we treat them that way.

How Does a Pet Treat Subscription Plan Work?

If you sign up for one of our subscriptions, we send you a Pet Nibbles package each month that will include a selection from our regular pet treat flavors as well as the treat flavor of the month. The number of bags of treats you receive depends on the size of the plan you've selected.

Pet Nibble Subscription plans are based upon a specific term (e.g. monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, annually). Your selected plan will automatically renew and charge the credit card on record for the selected term amount. The date you subscribe will be the start date of your term. Billing occurs at the beginning of each term for the full amount of the term that you've selected.

Note that your subscriptions may be canceled at anytime during the term. However, once canceled, your plan will continue until the end of your selected term. Partial term refunds are not available.

All of our plans are backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee !

How Does Pet Nibbles Support Animal Shelters and Programs?

We believe in giving back! 10% of the net proceeds from all apparel and accessory sales are donated to various animal shelters and programs. Additionally, we often send pet treat care packages to selected animal shelters. The more support we receive, the more we give!

If you or your organization is interested in working with us to support a specific animal related cause, please let us know!

How Does Your 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Work?

We're glad you asked! We want you and your pet to be 100% satisfied with our products. It is important to us to have happy customers.

If you or your pet is not 100% satisfied with any of our pet treat products or accessories, you have 14 calendar days from the date of receipt of your purchase to notify us of your problem. We will then send you either A) replacement treats or accessories, or B) a full refund of your purchase, including shipping costs.

This policy applies to all of the pet treats and accessories we sell that are not marked as "Close Out". All Close Out items are non-refundable. Note that abuse of this policy may be subject to management suspending your account, and blocking further purchases by you from Pet Nibbles.

For further information about returns, please see our return policy .

I Received a Notice That My Subscription Failed to Renew. What Should I Do?

Often times this is due to an expired card being on file. No need to worry! Just log into your account using the links provided in the email you received and update your credit card information on file. Once we receive the updated information, and your plan is renewed successfully, we will resume your selected pet treat plan.

What If My Pet Does Not Like One of the Flavors Provided in My Plan?

If you are a subscriber, and you discover your pet does not like one of the flavors, please let us know! The best way to do this is to contact us directly using our contact form . Include your order number for reference and we will do our best to ensure you do not receive the particular flavor your pet doesn't like.

To obtain your order number, log in to your account and retrieve it from your past orders.

What Should I Do if I Move?

Please let us know immediately of your address change once you have completed your move. Log in to your account and update your account's Shipping Address. (See: "Manage Your Shipping Addresses" on your account page.) This way we can make sure you won't see an interruption to your service.

Feel free to drop us a line as well if you have any questions or want to confirm the shipping address has been changed.

When Will My Treats Ship Each Month if I Subscribe?

Since the treats are homemade, we make them in smaller batches and cycles to fulfill orders. To fill subscription plan orders, we ship during the first and third weeks of each month. When your plan ships depends on when your order renews.

For example, if you placed your order sometime between the 1st and the 15th of the month, your pet treat package will likely ship the third week of each month. If your initial plan was ordered sometime after the 15th of the month, it will likely be shipped during the first week of the month.

This process ensures the freshness of your pet treats!

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